Dedicated to Fine Printing of Liturgical and Historic Interest on the Iron Hand Press
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    The Guild's first book, this edition of the Six Psalms follows the text set forth in the new 'A Psalter for Prayer' produced by the venerable Monastery of the Holy Trinity (ROCOR), in Jordanville, New York. It is entirely hand-set by the Master of the Guild and printed by the Fellows on the iron hand-press. The paper used is Rives and it has a stiffened Hannemuhle cover. The book is currently in use in California at liturgical services, which is the Guild's primary purpose in producing this work, and it is our hope that readers and parishes will consider it a worthwhile addition to their liturgical library.

    The Six Psalms is produced in a very limited edition of 50, and is printed in Poliphilus and Blado type. 

    Dimensions- 9.5 x 8.25 inches. 16 pages + endpapers.