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Iveron Icon of the Theotokos

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Produced by Old Believers in Russia, this is a new brass casting from the original moulds. Depicting the Mother of God, this icon is considered to be perhaps the most revered and famous of the icons of Our Lady, and, tradition informs us, was painted by the hand of Saint Luke. Countless miracles have been attributed to the prototype and to many copies of this icon, and we are pleased to offer a brass casting of it here, so that Our Lady's strong intercession can be remembered through this image by the bearer wherever he or she may go.

This icon featured the Theotokos, with a Slavic knot-work border, and a convenient loop at the top, so that it can be hung, or suspended from a cord.

1.75" X 2.5" in brass.

Please Note- Whilst we endeavour to keep these in stock, we may occasionally need to obtain further stock directly from the Old Believer communities we work with in Russia, which can take some time to arrange, in order to fulfil your order. If you require a Lestovka or Brass icon within a deadline please message us and we will let you know what we have available from stock.