Dedicated to Fine Printing of Liturgical and Historic Interest on the Iron Hand Press

September 2018- The Guild has just acquired 5 cases of Plainchant (Gregorian Chant) type, cast in the 1950s by Deberny et Peignot of Paris. This type was originally bought by the Stanbrook Abbey Press, and used by them to print numbers important books of Gregorian Chant. It is a privilege to have this type now in our possession, and once we have mastered typesetting with it we hope to use it for various printed projects.

August 2018-  Various pieces of jobbing printing for the Guild Shop and Castle B&B. 


July 2018- The Buittle Craft Guild Shop has officially opened, with a very successful launch weekend attended by over 100 people. The Letterpress and Bookbinding Studio now houses 12 Presses, from our large Washington Hand-press, two Cropper Treadles, as well as several Tabletop presses- by W. E. Cook, Kelsey and Adana. We have also acquired bookbinding equipment, and begun to undertake the sewing and binding of books. Other products of the Guild, and the Buittle Castle grounds are also available for sale- hand-sewn vestments, fresh eggs, vegetables and plants.


May 2018- The Guild's work was featured in the British Printing Society's magazine 'Small Printer', in a superb article written by Kim Lowe of Kirkcudbright Working Print Studio. Kim is in the process of moving her printing equipment (a 'Model' platen press and two Adana presses, plenty of type etc.), and we look forward to a fruitful collaboration with her. She will be opening the Printing Office regularly for visitors, as well as running the adjacent gallery/shop through which our work may be purchased.


December 2017- The Guild's newest press, a late 19th century treadle-operated 'Cropper', acquired through the kindness of the Hogshead Press of Suffolk, is now fully operational, and will be used by the Guild for printing cards, pamphlets and general jobbing work (Left). It joins our other smaller Cropper, which is currently awaiting restoration (Right).



November 2017-  The Guild has finished setting up its Printing Office in the old kitchen block of the castle. Traditionally castle kitchens were located in a separate detached building from the main stronghold in due to the risk of fire. The kitchen block at Buittle is an excellent space to house our presses and equipment. In the photographs above the Guild's handpress and two Cropper treadle presses can be seen, along with the ink stone cabinet, type cabinets and the old kitchen hearth (complete with iron cranes) and stone baking oven.


October 2017- The Guild is pleased to announce that select items of our printing are now available to buy from Kirkcudbright Working Print Studio, 28 St. Mary Street, Kirkcudbright, DG6 4DN. Please see their website for more details, and information about their own printing work. Tel- (01557) 330111 


June 2017- The Guild is working at re-establishing our printing office, as well as constructing the Guild library, fitting out the chapel, establishing the farm and gardens and restoring the fabric of the historic Tower of Buittle, the Guild's new home. New items to be added soon to the Guild's offerings, as soon as we have finished processing existing orders and setting up our printing equipment.


May 2017- The Guild has successfully relocated from Berkeley, CA. to its new permanent home at Buittle Castle, Galloway, Scotland. Our press and equipment was shipped from the Port of Oakland to the Port of Greenock, and we are now in the process of setting-up our equipment in the Printing Office. We have also acquired a new press, a c.1876 H.S. Cropper 'Minerva' 11x7 treadle (Serial No. 3634), built in Halifax and formerly in use by an Optical Supply firm in Bridgeton, Glasgow. The Photograph above shows the Guild's Washington Press in its crate, being unloaded from its container at Buittle and moved to its new home. We were fortunate to have the help of a neighboring farmer, who brought the press down to the Castle with his forklift!


March 2017- The Guild undertook the process of relocating our Printing Office from Berkeley, California to Galloway, Scotland. Our press and equipment were packed and crated for export, and left from the Port of Oakland for the long voyage to the UK.



Recent Commission- The Guild was recently commissioned by the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology in Berkeley to print for them the invitations for an upcoming exhibition, held in conjunction with St. Albert's Priory, Oakland, of Dominican printing, from St. Dominic's Press, Ditching and the press of William Everson (Brother Antoninus). The commission was to produce 100 invitations in the style of St. Dominic's press, featuring copies of Mary Dudley Short's lively woodcuts from the 'Friar's Journey Calendar' (1930). These we had reproduced on copper, and combined with handset text (Poliphilus for the invitation text and Caslon, which was used by the Ditching press as its 'house face' for the exhibition title), and printed them on a German-made paper which closely approximates the (no longer produced) Batchelor Mill paper used by St. Dominics press. Although only a select number will receive these specially printed invitations, all are welcome to the exhibition opening, to be held at the Blackfriars Gallery (2301 Vine St, Berkeley, CA) on the 25th of September, from 2-4pm.



August 2016-  The Guild spent most of July and August working on invitation commissions, printing some small prints from 18th century Augustinian monastic printing blocks, producing some posters- for our own publicity as well as for Church events, and also held a dinner to celebrate the feast of the Dormition of the Theotokos.


July 2016- The Guild celebrated St. Alban's day (22nd of June, Julian / 5th July Gregorian) with Vespers on the evening preceding and the Divine Liturgy on on the morning of the day itself. For those attending we printed a small holy card to commemorate the feast, with a prayer set in the ATF Open version of Morris' Troy type, cast in the mid-1980s by the Dale Guild (Howell, NJ), with an antique foundry type Morris-Jenson initial cast by the Dickinson Type Foundry of Boston, c.1893.


June 2016- The Guild will belatedly celebrate Oak Apple Day with a dinner at which all of the North American fellows will be present, with a keepsake menu being printed for those attending. The headpiece block is a genuine 18th century boxwood carved block, probably of Italian origin, and despite its age printed perfectly. 

May 2016-  The Guild completed the 'Great Seal of Walsingham' book, to a tight deadline, due to the poor health of a Dominican friar for whom it was specially produced. It was finished and delivered to him on time, although he sadly reposed a month later. Requiescat in Pace.


April 2016- The Guild exhibited its printed items at the San Jose Printer's fair, and received a great deal of interest from both members of the public and from fellow exhibitors. We were also favorably mentioned in the write-up about the fair-


February 2016- Moving and installing our own press, a c.1900 "20th Century Reliance" Washington Hand-Press.